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Jul 26 to Aug 3
Sejny Summer Institute On the Foundations of Physics
Aug 1
Visiting Professorship at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
Aug 2 to Aug 6
Aug 9 to Aug 12
Gravitex 2021: International Conference on Gravitation- Theory and Experiment (online)
Aug 15
Computational Scientist
Aug 20
Assistant Professor in Astroparticle Physics at the University of Kansas
Aug 22
Three Christine Mohrmann Professorships at Radboud University
Aug 23 to Sep 3
VDSP Academy 2021 on Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics, online
Aug 25
PhD position in Gravitational-Wave Modeling, MPI for Gravitational Physics
Aug 30 to Sep 3
Global meeting of the GWVerse COST action