ICal Feeds

Any wordpress archive that generates an rss feed, can also be used to generate a ical feed with the amr-events plugin.  Simply add ?feed=ics at the end of the url.

Feel free to test whether the following examples will load into your favourite calendar software.  Please do let me know if there is a problem (which link, which calendar program and what errors if any).

Category Archive Examples (with standard posts):

Author Archives

Individual Event Feed

One can even have individual event ics feeds, allowing one to offer subscription to a single repeating event.

WordPress Date Archives

Note that these are not really useful as the standard wordpress query would access them by the date stamp – the date and time that the event was created, not the event date. 

Slow subscribing with Calendar Software

Years ago it was slow subscribing from google calendar. Occasionally depending on all sorts of factors, there may be a delay in new events showing up in Google. Be patient.